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Logistics - Saving Valuable time for the home builder


For builders the most precious commodity is time: Every aspect of home building centers on time. Logistics is defined as handling an operation that involves providing labor and materials, supplied as and when needed.

Critical Logistics:

  • Ordering materials,
  • Staging the trades,
  • Scheduling activities,
  • Supervising installation

Downsview Logistics

We have developed a full service approach for the home builder. With our broad experience and trusted affiliates we handle all the logistics for HVAC systems. For the home builder this results in saving the most valued commodity - time.


It starts with consultation. We have worked on every type of home in new construction - single family custom homes, tract homes, double units, (side by side and split), multiple homeowners with multiple levels. You may have specific considerations such as cost, reliability and the impact on the marketability of your homes. We can help you with the choices for your project based on our knowledge and experience.



During the quotation process we determine the requirements for each home design.

Custom Ducting

Custom ducting is tested for fit and the optimal equipment layout is configured.


Equipment Ordering

Ducting is fabricated for all the homes and equipment orders and deliveries are scheduled for staging in our facility.

Installation Staging

Once the homes are ready for installation we deliver directly to the site.

Installation Supervision

With our affiliates, all aspects of the installation are coordinated. Installation work is performed by certified and trained technicians. Installation is supervised by qualified and experienced supervisors - ducting, gas piping, plumbing, electrical wiring and equipment installation.

Many of our installations provide innovative solutions that address the specific requirements of a project.

  • Limited space such as closet installations
  • High efficiency dual mode systems
  • High velocity space control heating and cooling

Rental Option

Through our affiliate Allianze power corp, we can also provide a home owner rental option for the home builder.

Our Affiliates