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HVAC systems have evolved in many ways. The increasing demands for better efficiency has lead to product designs that make better use of venting, heat exchangers and control systems. Along with increased efficiency, systems are now more compact.A more recent development in Canada is the adoption of tankless water heaters and dual mode boilers.

For the builder these advances have provided more HVAC options. Selecting from the many options in home comfort systems requires both knowledge of the products and experience with installations. At Downsview Heating & Air Conditioning we constantly search for innovations in products. Our criteria for product selection are largely based on meeting the changing demands of the home buyer.

Our criteria include the following:

Today's new home construction projects generally offer a mix of single family, townhouses and multitiple unit housing. Each style of construction brings a new set of factors that need to be part of the HVAC design and selection process. We have established a strong relationship with top brand equipment vendors that offer innovation and quality in their products. This is the only way we can meet the demanding needs of today's new home construction industry.

Heating & A/C Products - With Improved Energy Efficiency

We provide a full range of conventional home comfort options for your housing project. These products are priced cost effectively and with high energy efficiency ratings that help to keep the utility costs manageable. We select from manufacturers that have an established history of quality and reliability.

Gas Fired Furnaces

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Central Air Conditioning

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Tankless Water Heaters

A Tankless Hot Water unit heats water entirely on demand, only when it is needed. When a hot water faucet is turned on and the water begins to flow, information is collected based on flow, incoming water temperature and other factors. With this information the unit determines the amount of heat needed to maintain the water temperature set point. The water flows through the internal heating modules and exits the unit at the desired temperature. The start-up process takes a couple of seconds. A convenient thermostatic control and digital display on the front of the unit or a remote allows the homeowner to select an desired temperature.

Sensors continue to monitor the water flow rate and incoming water temperature as long as the water is running. These snsors send constant and continuous data so that the heating elements can be modulated in accordance with changes in flow rate and incoming water temperature. If, for instance, the flow rate increases because a second demand for hot water in the home is initiated, the unit will increase its heat output to maintain a consistent and precise output temperature.

The tankless water heater will remain on until the hot water faucet is closed. As soon as the flow sensor detects that water has stopped flowing, the power to the unit is completely turned off. Based on the specific capacity, measured in flow rate (gallons per minute - GPM), of a particular model, there will be a limit on the amount of hot water available.

The performance of Tankless Water Heaters can degrade as the number of hot water faucets turned on increases within a home. A better balance in performance can be achieved by combining a Tankless Hot Water systems with an energy efficient passive storage tank. The storage tank provides a buffer during high water demand periods while retaining the efficiency of the Tankless Hot Water system to heat the water.


Dual Mode Boiler System - Water and Home Heating

The Dual Mode system takes the efficiency of the Tankless Hot Water design and applies it to both heating hot water and heating the home. This approach eliminates the need for a gas fired furnace and the associated venting. A smaller air handler is all that is needed for home heating.

The correct design of a dual mode system and the selection of the various components is essential for proper operation in a given style of home. Our experience with many products, manufacturers and the performance of various components has lead to the development of proven and reliable installation practices.

Another significant advantage of a Dual Mode system is the extremely compact space requirements. We have designed installations that can even be installed into a closet space. This provides a viable and cost effective solution for multi homeowner/multi level housing that provides each unit with individual hot water and home heating systems.

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High Velocity Air Handlers - Improved efficiency and comfort

The AIRMAX system offers a significant innovation in the air distribution method for home heating and cooling. With the use of an Electronically Commuted Motor, efficient air circulation is achieved with small ducts. There are many advantages with this design for both the builder and the home owner.

The MAXAIR fan coil is so compact that it can be installed anywhere, even a closet. The unit achieves a space savings of 50% over conventional heating and air conditioning systems. This compact space requirement makes the AIRMAX particularly suitable for multiple level housing units.

Installation is simple and cost effective. The 2 1/2 inch supply duct will fit in a standard 2" x 4" wall cavity. Outlets can be placed in the wall, ceiling or floors. The AIRMAX can be combined with a boiler system for heating, conventional air cooling systems, humidifiers and high efficiency air cleaners.

ari handler multi level

Common Thermostats Available

Robertshaw thermostats


Available in Economy, Value and Deluxe models, these thermostats unite stylish designs with easy-to-read display screens. Energy Star® thermostats

Honeywell PRO Series thermostats


Large, Clear Backlit Digital Display - Easy to ready in various lighting conditions. Precise Comfort Control - Maintains consistent comfort to the highlest level of accuracy.) 5-1-1 Programming - Programming for the weekdays, Saturday and Sunday 5-2 Programming - Programming for weekdays and weekends Easy-Access Battery Replacement - Flip-out door allows for easy battery replacement without removing or disassembling the thermostat.

Built-in Instructions - Simple, pull-out instruction manual.

Air Quality Products


Vanee 60H ventilation system

The essence of proper ventilation is a continuous flow of clean, fresh air as well as the removal of stale, polluted air. These are also key factors in optimal indoor air quality and good health. The most compact and efficient air exchanger in its category. Besides efficiently improving indoor air quality, the 60 H features:

• 20% smaller than comparable units

• Allows vertical or horizontal port configuration

• Upgradeable from heat recovery to energy recovery ventilator (HRV to ERV) with a simple exchange of the core

• Unique design facilitates maintenance

• Meets standards and building code


Lennox Pure Air air purification system

Attacks all three classes of indoor air contaminants:

• Small, breathable particles such as dust, dirt, pollen and allergens

• Airborne mold spores, bacteria and viruses

• Odors and chemical vapors

• Hospital inpatient care/general surgery level filtration

• Reduces and destroys ozone—a product of pollution and a known lung irritant


Honeywell True Steam humidifier

Application flexibility - Mount directly to the duct or remotely up to 20 feet away into tight-fitting or unconditioned air spaces.

Installs in minutes - Limited duct cutting and bracket-mount design takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Easy maintenance - Self-regulates cleaning cycles throughout the year. Annual maintenance requires no tools to access and clean, saving time and money on annual contractor service calls.

Fireplaces - A focalpoint that adds to the home marketability

A fireplace adds warmth and a decorative statement to a new home. You can select from a number of fireplace styles to fit the new home.

Our fireplaces are manufactured by Napoleon, a company with a long standing reputation for quality products. These fireplaces achieve some of the highest ratings in heater efficiencies surpassing industry standards in performance and appearance. The innovative technology and design achieve a near realistic flame. All Napoleon fireplaces are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

fireplace fireplace